Dr Amy Climer

Mentoring for Virtual Facilitation

Virtual Meeting Mentoring

Do you want direct feedback on a virtual meeting or presentation? Do you need help with designing a virtual or hybrid program?

Meet with Amy for private coaching/mentoring to help you create an amazing virtual or hybrid experience. During your session Amy will answer your questions, give you direct feedback on your content, delivery, and engagement. You lead the session with your questions to ensure you get exactly what you need.

She will offer specific advice and ideas to help you design, develop, and deliver an engaging meeting, webinar, or other online or hybrid learning session. This can be for you or your entire team.

How it Works

Once you purchase the session, Amy will send you a link to her calendar. You can select a time that works for you and a Zoom link will automatically be created. If you’d prefer to use another platform (e.g. WebEx, MS Teams) just let Amy know.

You’ll also be sent a short questionnaire to share what you want to focus on during your time.

During the session, you ask lots of questions on the nitty gritty of your program. You can present a portion of your program and Amy will share what’s working well, areas to refine, and ideas to increase engagement. Or, you can get feedback on your program design. You decide what you need.

The session can be recorded so you don’t have to worry about taking notes.

You are welcome to purchase additional sessions, if needed.

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