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Deliberate Creative Facilitator Training


Resources for Our Training

Workbook: Please download this workbook to accompany the training. You can either print it or use a digital version.

Mural Board: link to our shared Mural Board you can also download a PDF from Mural, if you’d like.


Georgia, Anthony, Jill, Katie, Tina: I wish we engaged more HS and MS students in entrepreneurial activity and the CFI could engage more students.

Hannah, Kouhyar, Sally, Cailie: I wish people didn’t expect others to follow a certain path in a career.

Day 1 recording of the last 15 minutes

Additional Resources and References

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Your Challenges (e.g. Homework)

Practice and experience are the greatest learning tools. Therefore, here are some challenges to help you apply what you learned.

  1. Yes and… How many times can you use this concept in a day? 3, 5, 10? Play with it and see what effect it has and when it’s most useful. Try it in meetings, with colleagues, with supervisors, even with teenagers. Hint: it works great at home with partners and kids! 😉
  2. How Might We…? There are numerous uses for this powerful phrase. Use it at least once/day for five days and see what you notice.
    1. When you feel like criticizing an idea, instead start off with How Might We…? and see what happens. For instance, “there are a lot of regulations that might prevent us from doing that. How might we work within our parameters and still implement this idea?” You might be pleasantly surprised with the responses.
    2. If you want to generate ideas from a group start off with “How Might We…?” If you can write it on a chalkboard or slide and make it visual, even better.

A few tips to get the most out of the training

  • Use your laptop or desktop so you can easily access all the features of Zoom. We will also be using an additional tool called Mural. It’s more cumbersome with a mobile device. If you are curious about Mural, check out for info.
  • Use an external monitor, if you have one. That will give you more “real estate” especially when we are working outside of Zoom.
  • Plan to use video. We want to see your beautiful face!
  • Show up ready to engage and learn. Select a quiet, distraction-free space. Bring your coffee/tea, snacks, pen/paper, and whatever else you need for a great day!


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