Dr Amy Climer

Facilitator Training

Achieve facilitation excellence as a deliberate facilitator.

Deliberate Facilitation Model

Master the art of facilitation

There’s more to training than just conveying information. It’s an intentional practice of crafting engaging, transformative experiences that resonate and stick with the learners.

Every facilitator has the potential to evolve and excel, but many find themselves plateauing at an intermediate level, unsure of how to ascend further.

The Deliberate Facilitator Program is designed around the facilitation model Dr. Amy Climer developed, leading to intentional, deliberate programs with a transformational impact. This cohort-based program is designed for intermediate to experienced trainers and facilitators ready to move toward a more advanced path to achieving facilitation mastery.

Key Benefits To Becoming a

Deliberate Facilitator

Deepen Your Foundations

Grasp the core principles of experiential learning, adult education, and professional development design, weaving them seamlessly into your programs.

Craft Balanced Experiences

Design sessions that meld content, hands-on practice, reflection, and connection, ensuring participants don’t just attend, but truly absorb and engage.

Revamp With Intention

Rework your trainings and meetings to be lively and interactive, with a sharp focus on equity and inclusion, ensuring deeper, richer learning outcomes.

Lead Transformative Discussions

Master the art of facilitating power dialogues and debriefs that encourage and enable insightful discussions.

Harness Modern Tools

Embrace the latest tools, techniques, and tech solutions to architect sessions that mirror your objectives while emphasizing inclusion and engagement.

Inspire Through Presentation

Deliver compelling presentations that foster confidence, stir connection, and motivate active participation.

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