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Intentionally develop cultures of creativity and innovation

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Creativity Training Workshops

Amy’s creativity trainings focus on one or more areas of the Deliberate Creative® Team Model.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, learn how to foster their own creativity, examine what impedes creativity and innovation, and more.


Workshops can be customized for executives, mid-level managers, or employees. Workshop length can range from half-day to three days, depending on desired outcomes and results. Amy is skilled at leading in-person and virtual workshops, and either version will be interactive, experiential, and engaging.

Deliberate Creativity: How to Innovate on Demand

This program focuses on how innovation actually works. It dispels myths and misconceptions about creativity and innovation, what gets in the way, and how to move past those barriers. It will help participants apply creative practices to maximize innovation.

Participants will experience a research-based innovation process called Creative Problem Solving. The program is a fast-paced, high impact experience focused on learning the creative process and generating solutions to real problems.

Participants work in small groups and focus on a real challenge they have at work.

They will learn skills and strategies related to:

The Deliberate Creative Team

Teams are a conundrum. At times, team collaboration can lead to innovative, amazing solutions that one person alone could not have created. At other times, teams are filled with conflict, resentment, and decreased effectiveness.

By exploring research, examples, and applications, learn what makes creative teams effective and successful, and what makes them fall flat.

Teams will have the opportunity to take The Deliberate Creative Team Scale to determine how their team rates on three elements critical to team creativity.

Participants will explore what’s working, what’s not, and how to develop new approaches to be deliberately creative.

Teams will:

Beyond Brainstorming: Idea Generation Tools That Work

Organizations that innovate tend to have a higher likelihood of success. However, many struggle with generating fresh ideas, and traditional brainstorming methods, despite their popularity, often prove ineffective (this is supported by research dating back to the 1950s).

In this engaging and dynamic workshop, you’ll explore alternative methods for idea generation and understand why typical brainstorming often falls short. Come armed with a challenge you’ve been grappling with and leave equipped with a ton of fresh ideas and perspectives.

During this hands-on session, you will:

How to Lead a Creative Team

Leaders are instrumental in unlocking a team’s creative potential. However, not all are naturally equipped with the knowledge and skills to cultivate creativity within their teams.

In this workshop you will learn how leaders have successfully transformed ordinary teams into highly creative groups.

Drawing upon research in transformational leadership, team leadership, and creativity, this program will provide you with insights into the key characteristics of highly creative teams and discover the strategies to steer your team towards innovative success.

Key takeaways from this workshop will include:

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