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Collaborate at a higher level to solve problems creatively

The Deliberate Creative Team Venn Diagram

Training and Workshops

Contrary to common belief, creativity is a skill that can be and must be nurtured and developed with training and experience. These skills need to be developed at both the individual and the team level.

Through extensive research, Dr. Amy Climer discovered three areas teams need to focus on in order to be creative together. These are summarized in the Deliberate Creative® Team Model and can be identified through the Deliberate Creative® Team Assessment.

Creativity Training

Everyone possesses the potential to be creative. Unfortunately, many people do not understand how creativity really works or how to harness their own creative capabilities.

Amy’s Creativity Training programs, deeply anchored in contemporary research, empower participants to not only grasp the intricacies of the creative process, but also to foster their own innovative abilities, identify what hinders creativity, and take their problem-solving skills to new heights.

Facilitator Training

A Deliberate Facilitator isn’t just any facilitator — they’re committed to excellence throughout their career journey, progressing from novice to mastery. This transformation isn’t coincidental. It emerges from intentional refinement, relentless practice, and a genuine drive to serve groups to the best of their ability.

Our training programs are designed to help facilitators move up toward a level of true mastery, elevating their facilitation game, while making a deliberate choice to be outstanding.

Team Building

Even the most talented teams can occasionally hit a plateau, which can be a setback for organizations relying on their peak performance. Whether it’s a new team struggling to find its rhythm or a seasoned group stuck in a slump, these challenges impede growth and innovation. Dr. Amy Climer crafts top-tier team-building programs tailored to each group’s distinct requirements, driving them to thrive while consistently achieving their best.

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