The D.I.Y. Deliberate Creative Workshop


Designed for you to lead your own one-day Creative Problem Solving session with support from Amy Climer.

This program is designed for universities and colleges with…

  • A limited budget who want a high-quality ideation session that moves beyond the old-fashioned brainstorming process.
  • Professional staff who can facilitate and lead the experience with a some guidance from Amy Climer.

Group sitting at table using Post-it Notes to generate new ideas

Your group will

  • Generate hundreds of new ideas.
  • Identify the top 3-10 ideas that will lead to innovative change.
  • Develop the best ideas into workable solutions.
  • Strengthen connections between participants.
  • Deepen understanding of creativity and the Creative Problem Solving Process.

Climer Cards spread out on table


  • 4 videos to show to your group that walk them through the Creative Problem Solving process with activities to clarify your challenge, generate lots of new ideas, develop the best ideas into actionable solutions. Videos include moments to pause and do activities.
  • Workbook for participants with activity templates (PDF, you print)
  • 4 decks of Climer Cards
  • One 90-minute Facilitator Training call via Zoom to teach you how to lead the process.


You can sign up below or contact Amy Climer with questions.

Once you sign-up, Amy will reach out to you with all the details including a calendar link to schedule your 90-minute training session.