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“Amy Climer was the speaker at the first NSA-Wisconsin chapter event I ever attended. I had just started my business and was pretty unsure of my next steps. Watching Amy deliver her workshop to the group gathered that day was exactly what I needed! Amy models excellence, delivers actionable content, nurtures and encourages the “newbies” like me along the way and makes sure EVERYONE is included. She is a speaker other speakers watch to see how its done! If you are looking for a workshop leader who will deliver – Amy is absolutely an expert you should call.”

Gina Glover – Speaker, Coach, Connector

“In 2023 Amy emceed and provided a keynote at our association annual conference. To say that Amy made a connection with each and every attendee was an understatement. Amy is both a first class emcee and facilitator and her warmth and sense of humor ensured our community got the most out of the conference. Amy was a professional from start to finish and I hope we have the privilege of working with Amy in the future.”

Mark Cooper – CEO, IACC

“We couldn’t be happier to have had Dr. Amy Climer as our 2022 Association for Experiential Education International Conference emcee! Amy brought an infectious energy to the stage, and she brilliantly crafted an engaging experience for over 800 attendees throughout our 3-day conference. From pre-planning with our staff, dealing with logistics and scripts, to being live on stage with a variety of speakers and keynotes, working with Amy was truly a joy. If you’re looking for someone to help make your conference cohesive, interactive and fun, look no further. We are so looking forward to having her back as our 2023 conference emcee!”

Anna Miano – Membership & Marketing Manager at Association for Experiential Education

“I had the pleasure of attending a national conference where Amy Climer was the emcee. She was phenomenal. Her energy and engagement were off the charts in a ballroom of 900 diverse leaders. She used the right amount of technology and innovative tools to connect with the Gen Zers and Millenials and classic stories and anecdotes to appeal to Gen Xers and Boomers. She kept the program moving at the right speed and we all felt a connection with her. If you are looking for an emcee for your upcoming meeting or event, Amy Climer is the best. I highly recommend her.”

Anton J. Gunn – Board Director | Leadership & Workplace Culture Expert | Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach

“Amy Climer is a super duper, major bigtime, world class bad a$$! She lights up the room, brings tons of knowledge, wisdom, charisma and creativity to everything she does. As a speaker, consultant and very cool human, she brings it… Every. Single. Time.”


“I hope no one minds me saying this, but Amy Climer is a real bad@$$. I have seen her speak and facilitate in a variety of settings and I always learn something new. Her ability to make people feel comfortable opening up and really sharing their ideas and feelings makes attending any of her events really special and memorable. Her approach to many different topics is innovative and creative. Her suggestions are very actionable and useful. I can’t say enough great things about Amy as a person and her work. And don’t get me started on the Climer Cards. I adore them. I really hope to have more opportunities to use them in the future.”

Sarah Benoit – Lead Instructor & Co-founder at JB Media Institute, LLC

“Amy Climer is the perfect professional: beautifully authentic, articulate, masterful in her craft, so very relatable, and simply lovely to be around. I just had the pleasure of working with her and having her introduce me at the National Speakers Association Influence Conference, and it was an absolute joy!

As the emcee for the entire three-day NSA conference, Amy completely wow’d the crowd with her warm presence. The emcee sets the tone for a conference and is the one consistent person running through the whole event, and I can tell you that Amy Climer is an outstanding choice for this role!

I was the closing speaker on the final day, and even after such a packed and dynamic weekend, Amy was fresh and filled with energy as if it were day one! She is the same person on-stage and off-stage which is an incredible asset for both fellow speakers and for the client. I am thoroughly impressed with Amy Climer, and I give her the highest recommendations as the emcee or as the keynote speaker for any event!”

Allison Massari – Top Keynote Speaker—Resilience, Self-leadership, Burnout, Retention, Change, Emotional Intelligence

“I had the absolute pleasure to watch the incredible Amy Climer in action as the emcee for the National Speakers Associations Annual Convention, Influence. I was blown away at Amy’s ability to connect with the audience, make them laugh, keep them engaged and connect on a heart level with each person. As one of the speakers at the event, I had the chance to observe Amy prepare “behind the scenes”

She carefully watched each speaker, crafted remarks to create connection points for the audience and masterfully deliver the message.

I’ve seen many emcees and I love Amy’s style!!!”

Amelia Mimi Brown, CSP – Motivational Speaker ● Transformational Leadership Coach

“Climb to the heights of creativity and innovation with Amy Climer as your guide. I have had the pleasure to work with Amy as co-host for the National Speakers Association Influence conference. She engages her audience with actionable ideas to expand their creativity. She will make sure the audience goes to break and to the hallways with intention. That way they can apply what they just learned. She is great to work with and will make sure your event shines!”

Rob Ferre, CSP – International Speaker | Emcee | Event Host

“Amy Climer emceed the National Speakers Association annual convention with nearly 1,000 professional speakers. To say that’s an intimidating crowd is an understatement. And yet Amy was poised, present, and engaging for the full three days. She made the transitions more meaningful by recapping the previous speaker and creating anticipation by teeing up the next presentation. She collaborated amazingly well with the other two emcees and masterfully inserted humor and engagement throughout the entire three days.

If you’re looking for a true professional to emcee your event with humor, grace, and wit I wholeheartedly recommend Amy Climer. You won’t go wrong! She’s simply amazing.”

Darcy Luoma – Creator of Thoughtfully Fit® | Master Certified Coach | Professional Speaker | Author | Dynamic Facilitator

“Amy is fabulous! I have seen Amy at work as an emcee at a large national conference as well as facilitating in a smaller setting while serving a client together. In both cases, she was engaging, prepared, energetic, smart…shall I go on? You can’t go wrong with Amy!”

Mark Kenny – Strategic Team Consulting | Interactive Speaking Programs

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