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Terms & Conditions

Transparency, integrity, and open communication are keys to a great working relationship. Please look at the terms and conditions below and then, let’s agree!

Payment Terms

  • Once a date is agreed upon, it will be secured in Amy’s calendar. This will effectively prevent her from working with anyone else on that day, therefore full payment or deposit is required to secure the date. This also allows Amy to begin researching, designing, and customizing an amazing experience for your group. An invoice will be emailed and is payable within 30 days, unless otherwise stated.
  • For engagements under $10,000 USD, payment is required up front to secure your date. For payments over $10,000 USD, a deposit of 50% is required with the balance due 30 days before the initial event.
  • You can download Amy’s W9 here.


  • Due to Amy’s extensive travel schedule, she has certain requirements to keep it manageable. Your contract will detail what’s included in your fees.

  • Flights: Amy will book her own travel. U.S. flights will be one-stop out of Asheville, NC (AVL). She primarily flies Delta because they have the best track record in Asheville with the least amount of delays and cancellations (which is common due to the mountain weather). It’s important for her to be able to book her own flights due to often multiple cities or the need for last minutes changes due to other travel.

  • Hotel: Amy will almost always fly in the day before the engagement. She lives in a small town in the mountains and planes are commonly delayed. Better to deal with that the day before rather than impact the event. You will be asked to book and pay for a hotel for Amy the night before and after the event. She may not need the second hotel night and this will be determined for each individual client.


  • To ensure participants receive the best experience, Amy has specific AV requirements for programs. Please advise and inform Amy if there are any issues well in advance.

  • Please provide a computer projector, screen, and speakers.

  • Amy will bring her own Mac laptop computer with VGA and HDMI converters. By using her own MacBook, there are no issues with custom fonts or embedded video playback, and it also allows Amy to dynamically adjust the presentation as needed.

  • Amy does not provide slides in advance or after the program. She often makes onsite changes to the slides based on specific needs of the group or new insights she gains. This allows for a more customized program. Additionally, slides are designed to accompany the program and are not designed as stand-alone tools. Depending on the program, a handout or workbook may be provided as a resource for participants.

  • For bigger groups, Amy will bring her own wireless headset mic, but will need a clip-on mic power pack (such as the kind used with a lapel mic).

  • For workshops, Amy will generally need access to the room at least one hour before the program begins. This allows plenty of time for an AV/sound check and to set up supplies and props. Alternatively, for morning programs, access the evening before can work as well.


Independent Contractor

Climer Consulting is an independent contractor and shall not be deemed for any purpose to be an employee. Client shall not be responsible to Climer Consulting for any payroll-related taxes related to the performance of the Services.

Intellectual Property

Material used in the design and delivery of the services listed above is the intellectual property of Climer Consulting, LLC, Dr. Amy Climer, or the respective copyright holder. All rights to its use are reserved under United States and International Copyright Law

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