US STRATCOM: Deliberate Creative Teams Training

From the program on May 18, 2022



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Your Challenges (e.g. Homework)

Practice and experience are the greatest learning tools. Therefore, here are some challenges to help you apply what you learned.

  1. Yes and… How many times can you use this concept in a day? 3, 5, 10? Play with it and see what effect it has and when it’s most useful. Try it in meetings, with colleagues, with supervisors, even with teenagers. Hint: it works great at home with partners and kids! 😉
  2. How Might We…? There are numerous uses for this powerful phrase. Use it at least once for five days and see what you notice.
    1. When you feel like criticizing an idea, instead start off with How Might We…? and see what happens. For instance, “there are a lot of regulations that might prevent us from doing that. How might we work within our parameters and still implement this idea?” You might be pleasantly surprised with the responses.
    2. If you want to generate ideas from a group start off with “How Might We…?” If you can write it on a chalkboard or slide and make it visual, even better.
  3. What does your team need in order to be more creative? Think about the Deliberate Creative Team model. What is one thing you can do this week to improve your team in the area of team purpose, team dynamics, or team creative process? The Deliberate Creative Team Venn Diagram



Program Description

Teams are the #1 source of innovation in organizations. When teams can be creative the results can drive innovative change. However, teams are complex. Many teams maintain the status quo and don’t have the skills to actually innovate. They fumble because of unclear purpose, poor team dynamics, or due to lack of understanding the creative process. In this course, learn how teams can help drive innovation within organizations by focusing on the three critical elements of deliberate creative teams. Drawing upon theory and research, you will learn practical strategies for building your team to be highly creative so innovation can thrive. Leave with new strategies, tools, and techniques to lead your team to innovative success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how creativity really works in teams
  • Examine the research on leading creative teams
  • Learn three elements creative teams need to succeed
  • Gain strategies to increase creativity that you can apply within your teams and organization
  • Develop deeper skills in critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving,


  • Full day virtual program
  • Workbook with templates for tools
  • Climer Cards: either the physical deck or one-year virtual subscription


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