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Learn to build deliberate creative teams

Engaging and transformative keynote programs that blend expert insights on creativity, innovation, and team dynamics with an entertaining and highly interactive approach.

Leading Deliberate Creative Teams

Innovation is critical for the long-term success of organizations. Organizations who are unable or unwilling to innovate will become irrelevant and slowly wither away. Teams are the #1 source of innovation in organizations. When teams can be creative, the results can drive innovative change. However, teams are complex.  Many teams maintain the status quo and don’t have the skills to actually innovate. They fumble because of unclear purpose, poor team dynamics, or lack of understanding the creative process. Learn how leaders can help drive innovation within organizations by focusing on developing deliberate creative teams. Educational outcomes:
  • Learn recent research identifying three components all teams need in order to be creative.
  • Gain practical strategies and simple changes you can make to help your team be more creative together.
Ideal for:
  • Leaders who want to develop their teams to be more innovative
  • Teams who want to be creative/innovative, but don’t know how
  • Organizations ready to maximize the creative potential of their teams

Deliberate Creativity:
3 Elements of Innovation

Creativity is not a special talent only some of us are born with. We all have the capacity to be creative. However, most people do not understand how creativity really works or how to tap into their own creativity. Deliberate creatives know that being creative is an active practice that develops over time.

In this keynote, learn about the three elements of innovation: your mindset, skillset, and toolset. By weaving together engaging stories, research, and examples Dr. Amy Climer will reveal how individuals and organizations can reach new levels of innovation by becoming deliberately creative.

Educational outcomes:

  • Understand what the research says about innovative teams and organizations.
  • Learn three elements needed if your organization is to breakthrough and be innovative.

Ideal for:

  • Leaders who need new motivation to be creative
  • Teams who want to be creative/innovative, but don’t know how
  • Organizations who want to get their employees thinking differently

Leadership Lessons from an Explorer: Shackleton's Journey of Endurance

In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton led a team of explorers to Antarctica aboard the ship Endurance. His ship’s name said it all as the ice froze around the ship and the men were stranded for over a year. Shackleton performed the unimaginable and returned to England without a single death and his heroic leadership was heralded.

Even today, 100 years later, his philosophies and leadership style are applicable to any setting involving a team. Learn how applying Shackleton’s methods can change your team and lead them to greatness.

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