Camp counselors and staff are the core of any camp’s success. Counselors are selected for their passion for working with kids and their leadership experience, skills, and potential. Yet, camp counselors need an opportunity to grow and develop their skills in order to meet the potential you envision for them. Set your camp counselors up for success with leadership training designed to help them soar. Dr. Amy Climer provides training on:

  • How to develop cohesive teams (or cabins)
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Giving/receiving feedback
  • Ethical dilemmas using custom scenarios written for your camp
  • Communication styles using the Social Styles tool
  • The Creative Problem Solving process
  • How to lead experiential programs
  • Managing change and transition

Below are a some typical programs Amy offers for camp staff training. Customized programs are available as well. To learn more, set up a call with Amy Climer.

Program Options

Mid-Summer Slump Revival

Several weeks into the summer counselors start getting tired and drained. This mid-summer slump requires some outside intervention to help staff continue to be amazing. An energetic training focused on developing and reviving their skills can help get them re-energized and excited about the second half of the summer. A big plus about mid-summer training is that counselors already have some experience to build on and that’s exactly what Climer Consulting does. We can build on a training from before summer or begin with new topics. Training is customized to meet specific issues and challenges that arose in June and July so that the rest of July and August are amazing.

Leadership and Admin Team Training

Running a summer camp is a year-round job that requires a diverse set of skills. Developing leadership skills is often neglected amongst the administration team in lieu of more tangible training like accounting, accreditation, or archery safety. While those are all important, leadership development is the foundation of the administration team’s success. Dr. Amy Climer helps your team become amazing. Customized training on leadership skills, coaching and mentoring practices, creative problem solving, and team development will help your admin team truly become leaders!