Meeting Facilitation and Training

Most professionals know that some meetings can be wonderfully productive while others are a complete waste of time. The average employee spends six hours per week in meetings and senior managers can spend up to 23 hours per week. If those meetings are not productive, it is a huge waste of money.

Hiring a professional facilitator can make a big difference in the success of a meeting and can also save your organization time, money, and energy. We can:

  • Allow you to fully participate without having to monitor the meeting
  • Keep the group on track and engaged in the topics
  • Create a positive environment where everyone feels open to participating
  • Help the group reach the meeting’s outcomes
  • Foster creativity and help generate new ideas
  • Facilitate effective decision making processes where everyone is comfortable with the results

We provide meeting facilitation for small and large meetings. If you are looking for experienced facilitators who understand people and bring serious tools and skills to your group, please contact us. We will help make your next meeting a success!

Thanks Amy!! We discussed yesterday the positive feelings that both of us came away with from the meetings, and I know that is directly related to having you there! You understood what we wanted, did your research and came into the meetings prepared. Thank you for helping us to make these meetings run smoothly.