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The Deliberate Creative Program Supplies

The following is a list of supplies your group will need for The Deliberate Creative™ Program. Please read all the information to ensure your group has exactly what they need for a successful program. If you have any questions, just ask.

Shopping List (details for each are below):

Post-it Notes

I have used a lot of sticky notes in my time and have found that 3M Post-its are the best for what we need. Avoid the “Pop-up Style.” You will need two sizes:

Thick Pens

Each person will need a thick pen that is easy to read from about 3′ away. I have found the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie works well. Be sure not to get the thicker fine point Sharpie which is more like a marker. You want the one that is more pen-like. Select dark colors like black, brown, blue, or purple. One per person.


Sticky dots or small stickers will be used to identify the best ideas. You can use basic round dots  or get funky with small stickers. Each person will need at least 3 stickers.

Flipchart Paper

Flipchart paper is used for two purposes.

  1. Groups may use flipchart paper for organizing their ideas (written on sticky notes).

  2. Amy will need one pad on an easel at the front to write on during the presentation/training. Alternatively, a dry erase board may work. The more sturdy the easel the better. The flimsy ones make it difficult to write on.

You can get either the self-stick easel pad (preferred) or the non-sticky flipchart paper with blue masking tape for hanging on the walls.

Flipchart Markers

A few flipchart markers are ideal. A selection of dark colors are most important (e.g. blue, purple, green, black, brown). If markers don’t work, please discard them. If you are buying brand new markers I have found Mr. Sketch and Sharpie Flipchart Markers to work well and last.


blue and white name tag that says "hello. My Name is..."

Name Tags (if needed)

Name tags or name tents are really nice if the group doesn’t know each other well. I also love it because it helps me remember participant’s names.

Scrap Paper (optional)

It’s nice to have a stack of scrap paper on the table for people to doodle on. These can be from the recycling bin with one side printed on or just plain paper. Regular sized paper (8.5″ x 11″ or A4) is fine or even slightly smaller.


Pipecleaners or Fidget Toys (optional)

Having some small toys on the table give participants something to hold and play with while still paying attention. I’ve found colorful pipecleaners to be excellent for this since they are inexpensive and quiet. They are also a novel item that most people haven’t used in years! I generally put 10-20 in the middle of each table. Alternatively, you can purchase bulk toys that may align with your theme or brand. When selecting toys, chose ones that are quiet so participants don’t distract each other.

If I’m driving to your event and it’s a small group, I’ll bring fidget toys to use.

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