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Women’s Leadership Institute Michigan Technological University


Climer Consulting designed a unique leadership experience for high school junior girls. The experiential program teaches leadership styles, how to lead meetings, and team development. The program helps Michigan Tech recruit more women to campus and has been a great success!

Agrace Hospice Care, Executive Team Training


Agrace Hospice Care hired Amy Climer to improve the effectiveness of the Executive Leadership Team. They specifically wanted to focus on examining their blind spots and the nuances of the interactions. Video analysis is being used to push this team forward.

Common Wealth Development, Team Development


Challenge: The staff at this successful non-profit Solution: Amy Climer designed and delivered a two-part team development training for the entire staff. The focus was on helping build bridges across silos, understand how each person responds to stress, and deepen their ability to work well together. Topics included: working agreements, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Social Styles, Seven Norms of Collaboration, and If You Really Knew Me. Results: The feedback was very positive. This was the second time Common Wealth has hired Climer Consulting for team development and leadership training.

University of Wisconsin, HR Design


Challenge: UW Madison was in the process of redesigning their entire Human Resources System. They designed small work teams to focus on specific topic areas within the system. They needed experienced facilitators to lead each teams. Solution: Amy Climer facilitated two teams – the Recruitment and Assessment Team and the Performance Management Team. The focus was on designing meetings that met the needs of the group and the topic. A balance of focusing on tasks, relationships amongst the group, and the process proved to be successful. Results: One of Amy’s teams, Recruitment and Assessment, was heralded as an exemplary team and the recommendations from both teams are beginning to be implemented.  

Common Wealth Development, Team Development, Madison, WI


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