Project Description


Michigan Technological University is a mid-sized, public research institution in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. As a historically engineering-focused campus their student body includes only 26% females. In an attempt to increase the number of women at Michigan Tech they wanted to design a unique leadership program for high school junior girls to introduce them to the campus and also to teach them leadership skills they could use regardless of where they went to school.


Climer Consulting designed a two-day leadership program for Michigan Tech that focuses on helping high school junior girls explore their personal values, passions and goals, and learn how to work well in teams. The specific learning outcomes for participants are:

  • Understand that leaders know themselves well and lead with integrity
  • Understand definition of leadership and that leaders are needed in every professional field
  • Develop a personal list of values and examine when they may have difficulty living up to them


Amazing! Over half of the participants of the program attend Michigan Tech, far exceeding the expectations. Climer Consulting has been leading the Women’s Leadership Institute since 2012.