Project Description

Climer Consulting facilitates yearly meetings for Badger Region Volleyball Association. They are a division of USA Volleyball and dedicated to supporting volleyball throughout Wisconsin.  This state-wide organization brings together coaches, referees, and club directors from around the state twice a year for an annual meeting. In the past they had challenges with conducting civil meetings. The meetings were not productive, participants often felt frustrated, not respected by their peers, and morale was low amongst junior club directors.

Climer Consulting was hired to facilitate the regional meeting in May 2013. They were so impressed that before the meeting was over Amy Climer was invited back to lead future meetings. She designed the meetings to be fun, respectful, and invite camaraderie amongst the participants. The results were amazing. The meetings were productive, enjoyable, and participants welcomed the change. Here is what the meeting organizers had to say:

“Amy, You understood what we wanted, did your research and came into the meetings prepared. Thank you for helping us to make these meetings run smoothly.”
– Colleen Houk, Operations Manager, Badger Region Volleyball Association

“Thanks Amy!! Colleen and I discussed yesterday the positive feelings that both of us came away with from the meetings, and I know that is directly related to having you there!”
– Jennifer Armson-Dyer, Director of Operations, Badger Region Volleyball Association

Hiring a professional facilitator makes a huge difference in a successful meeting. A professional facilitator can keep the meeting focused, on track and on time, and allow everyone to fully participate. They can also address complex issues or personality challenges. Badger Region Volleyball understood this and greatly benefited from hiring Climer Consulting.