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Podcast Tech Setup

Thank you again for being part of The Deliberate Creative Podcast!

As you know, technology can be finicky. In order to capture the best sound, video, and have the best experience during the podcast interview, please use the following check-list.

Before the interview (1-2 days before):

  • Be sure you have both a microphone and headphones for the interview. These can be as simple as the mic/headphone combo that comes with an iPhone or a nicer set-up. The headphones are important to avoid the sound from the other person bleeding into your mic and creating an annoying echo. 

  • The podcast will be shared in an audio-only format and in video. For video, set up your computer so the video camera is eye level, if possible. If you have a laptop, you might prop it on a stack of books or a box. Think about the background space and lighting for the video. Tidy up the space behind you. Consider facing a window so the light illuminates your face. Avoid having a window immediately behind you, if possible.

Before the interview (day of):

Reboot your computer

  • The goal is to save as much memory as possible.
  • Close all programs not crucial to the interview.
  • Keep as few tabs open in your browser as possible. Tabs use memory.

Connect to the internet via a hardwire, if possible.

  • Hardwire connections are faster than wireless and provide additional bandwidth.

In Zoom

For the interview, we will use the Zoom platform.

  • You will receive an email with a link to join the meeting.
  • When you join you want to first test your audio settings and be sure the proper mic and speakers are selected. For quick directions on proper audio settings watch this 50 second video by Zoom.


  • Close your door and windows. Tell people not to disturb you and/or put a note on your door.
  • Be sure pets will not make distracting noises or disturb you.
  • Eliminate any distracting background noises including soft music and fans.
  • Turn off the ringer or unplug land line phones.
  • Turn off your cell phone. The signal can sometimes interfere with recording so turning it off is better than just muting.
  • Turn off any notifications on your phone or computer such as the sounds from new emails or texts.
  • Have any reference materials you would like available. It is nice to have these on your screen rather than on the table/desk so you don’t have to shuffle them. Also looking forward will produce a nicer voice sound than looking down.
  • Avoid shuffling papers, clicking pens, or banging things because it can be picked up by the mic.
  • If you have long hair, a scarf, or collar be sure it is pulled away from the mic so it does not brush against the mic and causing a scratching sound.
  • Think about the visual element of the video. It doesn’t need to look overly professional, but be mindful of what’s in the video frame.

During the interview:

  • Relax! Laugh, smile, and have fun! The audience wants to get to know you so just be yourself.

  • The interview is really just a conversation together with natural give and take. Avoid talking for too long at once, but at the same time go in-depth enough to make your point. Better to be too short than too long. I can always ask follow-up questions to get more details.

  • Please keep it clean and positive. Avoid profanity or negative comments about a specific company or product.  


If you have ANY questions or you need anything from me before the interview just email me or call me on my cell at (608) 358-0840.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to our conversation!


By participating in the interview, you agree to allow Amy Climer and Climer Consulting to record, edit and distribute the podcast in any manner and to retain rights to it for potential future use in any public distribution.

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