Mayo Clinic DRIVE: Feb 2021

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Mural Board Links:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Virtual Climer Cards

Handout/Workbook – for reference


Additional Resources

Climer Cards in a pile

  • Climer Cards ebook – You can download this short ebook with more ideas for how to use Climer Cards.
  • FourSight Thinking Profile – This is the assessment that measures where your preferences lie in the Creative Problem Solving process (Clarify, Ideate, Develop, Implement). I am certified in it so if you have questions or I can do anything to help you let me know.
  • The Deliberate Creative Workbook – includes directions to most of the activities we did and templates you can use.
  • The Divergent Thinking Rules. Feel free to print them and use them with your teams.
  • More resources and books on creativity and innovation
  • My TEDx Talk on The Power of Deliberate Creative Teams – this is great way to share the Deliberate Creative Team model with your colleagues.

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