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Immunity to Change

Learn more about Immunity to Change by reading Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s book, Immunity to Change.

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life, but not been able to follow through? Perhaps it was losing weight, being more empathetic with your partner, listening more attentively to your kids or colleagues, or delegating more at work. We often move forward on goals like these with the best of intentions, but pretty soon find ourselves stuck and nothing has changed. The reason: something within ourselves is preventing the change. 

Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, two researchers at Harvard, have discovered a process that helps decipher how we get in our own way when we try to change. It’s like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. We don’t make much progress, despite our efforts. 

The process is called Immunity to Change and the results are powerful. 

Amy Climer has been trained to facilitate the Immunity to Change process and offers individual coaching or group workshops.

See what Oprah.com says about Immunity to Change.

“I met with Amy to discuss Immunity to Change a few weeks ago. What happened in the process genuinely surprised me. I have experienced and participated in coaching sessions before. This meeting, this discussion, this exploration got to a core fear for me and helped me to understand it better, hold it with compassion, and begin to move through it. I’m happy to report that my time with Amy inspired me to make some commitments that are moving me forward in my life.”

Sarah Shatz, Therapist and Social Worker

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