Resources for Gaia Herbs

As promised, below are several resources to help you continue to be more creative and lead innovation at Gaia.

Please reach out if I missed anything or you need anything else. 


Nov 2020 Replay

Watch the replay of the Nov 2020 Creative Problem Solving session.



The Deliberate Creativity workbook with creativity exercises and templates.


Mural Boards for Nov 18, 2020


Aug 2020 Replay

Watch the Zoom replay of the August 2020 Creative Problem Solving session.


Mural Boards from Aug 2020

Below are the links to the active Mural Boards.

Here are the PDFs of the Mural Boards for you to download.

Where to Learn More

FourSight Interpretive Guide – the booklet that explains each FourSight Profile

IBM Research on Innovative Teams – research study comparing teams with different FourSight Profiles

The Deliberate Creative PodcastThere are 100+ episodes on topics related to leadership, creativity, and teams. Access from your phone via iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher, or listen on the website. Also, each episode includes a transcript in case you would rather read than listen. Feel free to share with others too. Episode 3-8 walk through the Deliberate Creative process we used in the workshop (links below). Some of these tools we used in the workshop are also available in the free ebook that you can download at the bottom of the page. Below are direct links to the recommended episodes. 

Amy Climer’s TEDx Talk on the Power of Deliberate Creative Teams

Climer Cards website and eBook

Additional books on creativity


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