What is your story? The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves impact so many aspects of our lives, from our physical health to our success and happiness. Mindsets are the way we think about our skills, abilities, talents, intelligence, and attributes. Do you believe your intelligence is set or that it can be cultivated with effort and practice? How about creativity, the quality of relationships, or personality attributes? Find out how the research of Carol Dweck and others is making a big impact on people’s lives.

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between the Fixed and Growth Mindsets
  • Why your mindset impacts the stories you tell yourself
  • How the stories you tell yourself impact your happiness and success


The Weekly Challenge

If you are really honest with yourself, there is probably at least one area of your life where you hold the Fixed Mindset. Identify that area and see if you can begin to shift your thinking to build a Growth Mindset. Notice what changes for you.

Upcoming Workshops with Amy Climer

From Conflict to Resolution: Managing and Mediating Conflict at Work – October 28, 2015, Milwaukee, WI


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