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The Deliberate Facilitator: Leading Amazing Teams2020-06-03T20:15:54-04:00

Are you an experienced team facilitator?

Are you ready to move past a basic progression of activities to designing robust, transformational experiences?

If so, this program is for you!

What is a Deliberate Facilitator?

A Deliberate Facilitator is someone who is intentional about their practice, about the craft of facilitation and training. Throughout their career they move from a novice level towards a master level facilitator. They purposefully hone their skills to best serve the groups they work with. The progression towards high-performing does not happen by accident. It only happens through deliberate practice and a conscious decision to improve.

I designed this course to help facilitators move up towards a level of true mastery. Most facilitators advance to Apprentice quite quickly then in a few years reach the Craftsman level. But at that point many stagnate and stall, often not knowing how to get to the Expert or Master levels.

The Deliberate Facilitator Progression

I’ve been facilitating since 1995. By 2008 I had become a solid facilitator, at the Craftsman level. I was teaching college-level courses to other new facilitators and had already worked on at least ten challenge courses around the U.S. I had spent thousands of hours facilitating groups. Yet, I could feel myself stagnating. I knew there was more, but I couldn’t see how to get to a higher level. After many experiments, lots of reading, and paying close attention to the experts, I realized there was a key element that I was missing and was missing in nearly every other facilitator I worked with. I recognized we were trying to help teams grow and develop, but we knew little about the actual research and best practices in teams. I became deeply immersed in learning about teams, leadership, and another passion – creativity/innovation. In 2011, I decided to get my PhD in leadership and change in order to learn even more.

I quickly saw a profound shift in my skills as a facilitator and more importantly in the results from my clients.

“Our executives learned the importance of team, revealed past experiences, built shared agreements for future, and laughed along the way. These results were the direct result of Amy’s contributions – both in design and facilitation.”

– Dan Loichinger, Vistage

In the last few years I have had many facilitators inquire about learning how to integrate content, experiential activities, and deep conversation into one experience. I created The Deliberate Facilitator Program to answer that call.

About the Deliberate Facilitator Program

The Deliberate Facilitator Program is for experienced facilitators at the Apprentice, Craftsman, or Expert level who want to level up. This is not for novices.

You will learn how to use research-based models to bring content into your experiential programs. Learn which models are worthwhile and which are junk. Learn how to weave content into activities to create a more powerful program. In the end, your work will lead to deeper transformations for the teams you work with.

The program is a combination of an online course and a coaching/mentoring program. Once you sign up you will have access to a series of 15+ videos teaching you the elements of being a deliberate facilitator. In the Gold Package, there will be four small group mastermind sessions to help you further understand the curriculum and to ask questions about your own facilitation practice. You will be guided through creating a new program or redesigning an existing one that you can use with one of your clients. The Platinum Package gives you the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring from Dr. Amy Climer to help you deepen your wisdom and skills around facilitation, whether virtually or in-person.

You will learn how to:

  • Use models and frameworks in your teambuilding programs.
  • Determine which models are the best fit for your clients.
  • Design one program and tailor it for multiple clients.
  • Deliver quality presentations and debriefs with clients.

Venn diagram: Know, Ask, ShareThe program is framed around the Know-Ask-Share Model created by Dr. Amy Climer. It outlines the key skills and tools the Deliberate Facilitator needs.


All levels of the program include:

  • Online course with 15+ instructional videos, includes lifetime access (valued at $2,000)
  • Templates and checklists for program design, activity ideas, and more (valued at $500)
  • Private community to ask questions, share ideas, and resources (valued at $500)



Gold Level also includes:

  • Everything in the Silver package (valued at $3,000) plus…
  • Four small group mastermind sessions over 4 weeks with other facilitators (valued at $1,500)
  • One year access to the playmeo activity database (valued at $100)
  • Deck of Climer Cards (valued at $25)



Platinum Level also includes:

  • Everything in the Silver and Gold Packages (valued at $4,625) plus…
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Amy Climer (valued at $2,000)
  • One video feedback session (valued at $1,000)
  • One year membership to the Virtual Climer Cards, to be released Fall 2020 (valued at $50)



The next cohort of the Deliberate Facilitator Program will open June 15, 2020.

If you have any questions about the program, please ask Amy.


  • Lifetime access to online course with 15+ instructional videos
  • Private online community
  • Templates and checklists


  • Lifetime access to online course with 15+ instructional videos
  • Private online community
  • Templates and checklists
  • Four small group mastermind sessions with Amy Climer
  • One-year access to the Playmeo Activity Database
  • Deck of Climer Cards


  • Lifetime access to online course with 15+ instructional videos
  • Private online community
  • Templates and checklists
  • Four small group mastermind sessions with Amy Climer
  • One-year access to the Playmeo Activity Database
  • Deck of Climer Cards
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions with Amy
  • One video feedback session with Amy
  • One year membership to the Virtual Climer Cards tool once it’s released (Fall 2020)

Even though I have thousands of hours facilitating teams I was looking for a way to take my skills outside of my Central Indiana bubble and provide a more professional level of facilitation and trainings. Amy met those needs and then some. Amy has a depth of experience and knowledge that she freely shared and inspired me to dig deeper into the works and research of others. The format of the Deliberate Facilitator program allowed me time to digest what I had learned, yet pushed me to consider and explore new thinking.

We were given many resources and models. We were able to explore those models together and have Amy guide us in our ability to integrate them into our varied areas of work. I came away from this training refreshed, inspired and equipped to “Level Up” my facilitation, trainings and coaching opportunities. This was an investment in my future and brings greater value to all aspects of my career. I highly recommend this program!

Lori Meyers, Challenge Course Manager at Indiana FFA Leadership Center


About Amy Climer, Ph.D.

photo of Dr. Amy ClimerDr. Amy Climer teaches teams and leaders to be creative and innovative. She is a speaker, trainer, and coach in creativity, innovation, team development, and leadership. Through her company Climer Consulting she uses research-based practices, tools, and techniques teams can leverage to innovate on demand. She developed the Deliberate Creative™ Teams Scale to help teams understand how to increase their creativity. Her TEDx talk The Power of Deliberate Creative Teams explains her research and philosophies on innovation. Amy is the host of The Deliberate Creative™ Podcast, which has over 100,000 downloads. She is the designer of Climer Cards, a creativity and teambuilding tool used by thousands to deepen conversations and generate ideas.

Amy holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University and a Master’s degree in Outdoor Education from the University of New Hampshire. She is trained or certified in Creative Problem Solving, Immunity to Change, and the FourSight Thinking System. In 2016, she won the Karl Rhonke Creativity Award from the Association for Experiential Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have several employees who want to take this course. Could you come teach us?2019-07-18T14:50:21-04:00

Yes. I teach an in-person program for facilitators and I customize it for clients. If you are interested, please email me and we can set up a time to talk further.

I’m interested in the program, but not sure if it’s the right fit for me. How can I ask questions?2019-04-09T13:51:57-04:00

I totally get it! I’d want to ask questions too. I’d love to talk with you. Just send me an email (amy at climerconsulting dot com) and let me know you are interested in the program. You can either ask questions in the email or we can set up a time to talk on the phone or via Zoom. Thanks! -Amy

What happens during the mentoring sessions?2019-04-09T13:52:03-04:00

Mentoring sessions are small group, online sessions via Zoom. They will be a combination of teaching, group sharing, questions from the group, and an opportunity to get feedback on your program designs. They will be recorded and a replay sent out in case you want to watch them again or if you miss a session.

How often are the mentoring sessions?2019-05-31T18:03:24-04:00

There are six sessions, approximately every other week. Sessions are one hour long and happen via Zoom. The exact times and dates will vary depending on the group members’ availability and time zones. Each session will be recorded and sent out to the cohort so everyone can watch the reply.