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The purpose of the Deliberate Creative Podcast is to help teams be more creative. Topics tend to focus on creativity, innovation, how teams work together, leadership, team dynamics, team purpose, etc. This podcast does not focus on general business topics such as marketing and sales.

Here are a few criteria for being on the show:

  • Listen to the show. Please listen to at least a couple episodes before asking to be on the show. It will ensure you know what the show is about and that you are a good fit. Bonus points for reviewing the show on iTunes and subscribing!
  • Guests are generally either thought leaders in creativity or innovation or creativity practitioners.
  • Be a thought leader or expert in something related to creativity or that will help teams be more creative. This means you have deeply explored a particular topic and may have written about it, presented/taught it, done research on it, etc. If you are an expert in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, business, or other tangental topics, this podcast is not a good fit for you. There are many excellent podcasts that focus on that.
  • Be a creativity practitioner, someone who is actively being creative in their lives and can talk about their process, particularly how others might learn from it. Artists, scientists, inventors, designers might be a good fit. As well as executives who are implementing creative processes. For an example, listen to Greg Climer’s interview, episode 69. The show does not tend to focus on average-person-turned-entrepreneur. There are many excellent podcasts that do focus on that.

The show is a niche podcast and has had over 120,000 downloads and 50+ reviews (nearly all 5-stars). To learn more about the show, listen here or on iTunesGoogle Play, or Stitcher.

If you would like to be a guest on the show, please complete this form. We will follow-up with you in a few days.

Thank you!

– Amy Climer

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