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The Deliberate Creative

A Mentoring Program to Foster Innovation

Are you ready to get more creative in your life?

If so, this program is for you!

Creativity does not happen by accident. We have been lulled by stories like Sir Isaac Newton witnessing an apple falling from a tree that sparked the law of universal gravitation.

While that might have happened, it’s not the whole story. What you don’t usually hear is that Newton was a budding physicist. He had been studying the physical world for a years and mulling over this problem. There was a deliberate creative process he had been engaged in that finally led to his realization about gravity and other scientific breakthroughs.

Deliberate Creative Value Model

What is Deliberate Creativity?

Being creative means intentionally following a process to clarify the challenge, generate new ideas, develop the best ideas, and implement them. Most people are not that deliberate and instead find they are accidental creatives, stagnant creative, or inadvertently sabotaging their own or other’s creativity.

This online mentoring program is designed to help you become a Deliberate Creative so you can intentionally achieve amazing creative feats! The program is framed around the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process. CPS is a research-based system that can be used in a wide range of situations where creativity is desired. I use it nearly every day in my own life and teach it to my clients from a wide range of fields. 

About The Deliberate Creative:
CPS Mentoring Program

The Deliberate Creative CPS Mentoring Program is for those ready to gain a deep understand of how creativity really works. It’s about moving past myths and misconceptions and applying a practical strategy to your life.

The program is a combination of an online course and a coaching/mentoring program. Once you sign up you will have access to a series of modules with videos teaching you the elements of deliberate creativity. There will be five small group mentoring calls to help you further understand the curriculum and to ask questions about your own creative practice. You will be guided through applying the deliberate creative process to your own life.

You will learn how to:

  • Be intentional about creativity in any/all aspects of your life.
  • Use the Creative Problem Solving process to solve real problems without clear solutions.
  • Understand your own preferences in the creative process and where you tend to get stuck
  • Identify which tool or technique you need to apply in different situations.

The program includes:

  • Online course with six modules and instructional videos to help you learn the process, tools, and techniques to be more creative (valued at $2,000)
  • Five small group mentoring sessions (over 10 weeks) with other participants to help you connect with and learn from each other, ask questions from Amy, and dig deeper into the curriculum. (valued at $1,700)
  • FourSight Thinking Profile ($65) plus debrief to help you learn where your preferences are in the CPS process
  • Downloadable templates for tools and techniques that you can use anytime(valued at $500)
  • Two individual coaching calls at the beginning and end of the program (valued at $1500)
  • Lifetime access to videos and all materials
  • Private online community to ask questions, share ideas, and resources (valued at $1,000)
  • Deck of Climer Cards that you can use to generate breakthrough ideas (valued at $25)
  • One year subscription to Virtual Climer Cards (valued at $50)



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If you are interested, please contact Amy and let her know. She’ll add you to the wait list. You can also schedule a time to talk and see if you are a good fit and ask questions. Or, if you know you are ready sign up below.

If a small group within your organization is interested Amy can create a customized, co-branded course just for you. Please contact Amy to schedule a time to talk further.


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