UW Madison was in the process of redesigning their entire Human Resources System. They designed small work teams to focus on specific topic areas within the system. They needed experienced facilitators to lead each teams.

Amy Climer facilitated two teams – the Recruitment and Assessment Team and the Performance Management Team. The focus was on designing meetings that met the needs of the group and the topic. A balance of focusing on tasks, relationships amongst the group, and the process proved to be successful.

One of Amy’s teams, Recruitment and Assessment, was heralded as an exemplary team and the results from both teams are beginning to be implemented. Three years later, Amy was invited back to work with three teams within the Office of Human Resources and help with implementing some of the HR Design changes.

Amy and I worked together on the Recruitment and Assessment team for the UW-Madison HR Design project. I was the team lead and Amy was our very skilled facilitator. Our role was to lead a work team through an assessment of various recruitment and assessment practices (internal and external) and recommend options that will ensure UW-Madison is efficient and competitive in its hiring activities. Amy and I were added to the team late which put us behind in accomplishing our goals. We had a very energetic and committed group and with Amy’s thoughtful planning and skill as a facilitator we were able to outline a timetable to bring our project to a conclusion by the deadline. Amy kept the group on track and kept us focused on the immediate steps before us. She also ensured we “checked in” every time we met which helped the team bond, have some fun and ensured we were concentrating on the topic of the day. Through a lot of dedication and effort on Amy’s part the group finished on time with an outstanding report and recommendations. Although HR Design was not implemented as expected due to legislative decisions, campus HR professionals are moving forward on implementing many of the changes our committee recommended. Amy was an irreplaceable part of this team. We held the first few meeting without her as she was not assigned to our team yet. When she did join our team, there was a noticeable improvement in the demeanor of the team and the efficiency of the meetings. I know she helped me keep my sanity during some very stressful times. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Amy to anyone.

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