The Student Activities Office at Temple University noticed that student leaders were designing the same programs year after year. The urged students to be more innovative, yet weren’t seeing any results.

Climer Consulting designed and delivered two creativity training programs for Temple – one for students and another for the staff that advise the students. Both programs focused on teaching the Creative Problem Solving process and how to lead creativity. Students and staff left with many new ideas and the tools to use anytime they wanted to apply the creative process.

The workshop evaluations were excellent and 100% said they found it valuable. Most wanted a longer training! Some of the ideas they generated in the workshop have been implemented and staff are better able to coach students through the Creative Problem Solving process. 

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Amy helped me redefine creativity so that I feel more free to open my mind and let the creativity flow! I appreciated the practical tools she shared with us to jump start our creativity and guide our creative problem solving process.
Temple University, staff member
It was a positive environment where we could be creative and express our ideas without fear or worry that we were going to be “made fun of” or our ideas “shot down”. I can’t wait to use these skills with my coworkers at our next staff meeting!
Temple University, staff member