It’s the season of gift giving!

Are you trying to find that perfect gift for someone who wants to be creative? I’ve put together a list of my favorite creativity gifts that will spark imagination and lead to big smiles!

Shelf of Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes might be my favorite creativity tool of all time. This set includes 18 pads totalling 1800 notes.  Add some black Post-its with a white gel pen for even more fun.

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From Experience to Creativity Book

From Experience to Creativity by Daniel Cape

This book provides an overview of the psychology of creativity, particularly related to educators or those who want to teach others to be creative. I’m a contributing author and have a chapter on Creative Problem Solving. It was just published on December 1 so it is brand new and a great gift for anyone wanting to learn more about creativity.

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Doodling Pens

Doodling Pens

I just got these Staedtler Triplus Broadliner Pens and LOVE them! They are great for doodling, sketching, and writing in notebooks. They don’t bleed or drag and the colors are beautifully bright. They would pair well with a Moleskin or Leuchtturm Notebook.

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Luxurious Notebooks

To go along with colorful pens, these Leuchtturm1917 notebooks are perfect for sketchnotes or daily to do lists. Instead of lines, each page has faint dots so you can write in a straight line, but also feel the freedom to doodle. They are a great notebook for keeping a bullet journal, a new practice I’m experimenting with.

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Climer Cards

I developed this deck of cards a few years ago to help teams generate new ideas. My friend Jess Pettitt always keeps them in her bag. When she needs a creative idea, she pulls out her deck of Climer Cards and flips through to what new ideas are sparked. There are dozens, even hundreds of ways to use them to inspire creativity, deepen conversations, and help teams focus in on problems. Each deck comes with instructions and a free ebook.

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These gifts will lead to hours of creativity and imagination! Happy gift giving!

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