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Leading Engaging Virtual Meetings:
Association Partnerships

For associations who want to provide more value to their members and help members learn to lead engaging virtual meetings and trainings.

Many associations are struggling due to the economic fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic. Associations can’t host revenue generating, in-person conferences and members aren’t renewing. Finances are getting tight.

As members evaluate their own finances, renewing their association membership becomes a low priority. The membership doesn’t seem valuable enough.  It feels more like a luxury than a necessity. The in-person conference they found so valuable was cancelled. The online resources are minimal. It doesn’t seem worth it. They let the membership lapse.

As an association, you can retain members by increasing the value of their membership. You make it so worthwhile that membership into your association becomes a high priority item for each member. Of course they will renew because it’s worth every penny.

Not only do you need to increase the value of membership, but you need to also develop new revenue streams in addition to membership. Memberships don’t cover all your expenses. Your annual in-person conference brought in additional income and now you don’t have that. You have to get creative.

You want to provide more value for members and increase revenue for the association. If you don’t, you risk laying off staff or worse, closing down completely.
Offering the Leading Engaging Virtual Meetings online course to your members can satisfy both these problems – you increase value to your members and you bring in additional revenue.

Why This Course?

You’re not an association that teaches people how to run meetings, why would you offer this course? Because part of your role is to help your members do their work better. Meetings are critical to any collaborative work. Now, meetings are happening virtually and that’s not going away.

But, here’s the problem with virtual meetings. They can be boring, dull, in-effective, and feel like a waste of time. The same could be said for in-person meetings, but the problem is amplified in virtual meetings.

We need meetings. Meetings are critical to collaborative work. Meetings are where teams define new problems, explore new approaches, brainstorm ideas, and share creative insights to real problems. At least, that’s what happens in effective meetings.

Leaders need to be able to facilitate effective, engaging online meetings. There are critical differences to facilitating online versus in person.

Your association members need to be effective at leading virtual meetings because it results in engaged employees, real problems being solved, and meaningful interactions between participants.

By offering the Leading Engaging Virtual Meetings Course to your members, you are providing them with valuable training that will directly impact their success.

Curious about the course? Read on!


Leading Engaging Virtual Meetings is for executives, team leaders, managers, facilitators, and trainers. The course is for anyone who facilitates online meetings and wants to become more comfortable and improve their results.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Use technology to your advantage

  • Design engaging meetings that get results

  • Delivery with ease so it feels (almost) like you are in-person

What’s Included

  • Instructional videos focused on foundational aspects of effective online meetings

  • Self-paced lessons spread out over 4 weeks (with 6 months additional access). Watch anytime you want.

  • Three live, interactive sessions with your instructor, Dr. Amy Climer (recordings provided)

  • Private forum with other participants – a place to ask questions and share ideas and insights.

  • Support from the learning community

  • Immediate application to the meetings you are leading

If you want to see more details about the course including a list of topics covered, visit the course page.

How it Works

Amy Climer will partner with your association so you can offer this course to members at a discounted rate while bringing in additional revenue. You promote the program, but you don’t need to host any events or deal with logistics. We take care of all of that.  There are two options for our partnership.

Shared Revenue Model

In the shared revenue model, your members register for the course at a discount (normally $297/person) and you get a percentage of their registration fee. They get a discount and you get income. It’s a win-win! The exact discount and revenue share depends on your goals and expected number of registrants.

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants. No initial investment.

Co-Branded Model

In the co-branded model, a separate course is created just for your association members. Amy creates a custom video introduction specifically addressing your members. Your logo and branding is included and the live sessions are limited just to your association. This option helps build your association brand and create community amongst members (e.g. additional value). You can offer the course to members for free as part of their membership or set a registration fee for the course.

Minimum of 20 participants. Initial investment of $5,000.

Want to Learn More? Have Questions?

Email Amy Climer and let her know you are interested. She’ll send you a link to her calendar. You select a time that works best for you and your team. She’ll share more details, give you a tour of the course, and you can ask all the questions you need.

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