Dr Amy Climer

Dr. Amy Climer • Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

Dr. Amy Climer • Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

Building deliberate creative teams
Who innovate on demand

Dr. Amy Climer transforms creatively stagnant teams into highly innovative contributors that consistently reach their highest potential.

Intentionally develop creativity in your individuals and teams

Innovation is the critical component to an organization’s long-term success. When companies fail to innovate they slowly wither away and become irrelevant. Blockbuster, anyone?

Innovation does not happen through magic or passively by chance. Innovation is systematic and intentional. 

And the good news is — contrary to common belief, the ability to innovate is a teachable, learnable skill that can be successfully developed in both individuals and teams.

Dr. Amy Climer’s Service Offerings

Build your culture of innovation

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Amy Climer is a charismatic and captivating speaker, renowned for her keynotes on creativity, leadership, and change management. She possesses a unique ability to tailor content to the specific needs of a group, ensuring a relevant and impactful presentation.

Creativity Workshops

Amy’s workshops foster creativity and innovation in teams and organizations. Participants gain insights into the creative process, acquire actionable tools for innovation, and learn techniques for meaningful team collaboration.

Climer Cards

Used by facilitators, teachers, parents, therapists, and camp counselors alike, Climer Cards evoke metaphors and imagination, helping with team building activities, enhancing conversations, and generating creative ideas.

Hi. I'm Dr. Amy Climer.

I’ve been studying and teaching creativity for decades, and I love geeking out on it!

As humans, we all have an innate ability to be creative. It’s deep in our DNA.

Unfortunately, many employees are not tapping into their full creative potential simply because they haven’t been shown how. This means they can’t fully contribute to developing new innovative products, processes, and outcomes.

Good news – creativity is a teachable, learnable skill that can be developed anytime.

When we understand the creative process and know how to properly apply it, the results are remarkable – we cure diseases, develop global communication systems, put people in outer space, and positively impact each other and the planet.

But creativity won’t happen by accident. To be truly innovative, you must be deliberate in your creativity.

If you are ready to get more innovative, reach out. I’d love to work with you and your team to help you be wildly creative. The results will be worth it!

Through my engaging, experiential speaking programs and workshops, I equip individuals, leaders, and teams with my proven research-based process to achieve innovation on demand.

If you are curious, let’s talk about how we can work together and lead your team to be deliberate creatives.

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